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Best Ladies Nights in Dubai

kareem | 08.06.2022
Best Ladies Nights in Dubai

Best Ladies Night in Float Dubai to enjoy with your Girlfriends

Ever have that feeling where all you want to do is spend time with your girlfriends? Quality girl time, having mega fun together, and sharing chunks of your life in 30 min laugh sessions over cocktails, yes, please! You got it right, Ladies night is where women take time out to just be, unwind and remember who they are… beautiful creatures that are powerful. So, where do you go when you need to take your girls out, where are you going to have a spectacular time? Float to the rescue!

Dubai Ladies Nights are all the rage. Every major entertainment house or venue has a go to day where they host ladies’ night. It’s a huge deal and most venues have them purely because they’re such a hit. Every venue has drinks obviously and dance floors but which venue can you say has a massive stage, the best DJs and a crowd that gives off the best vibes? Not every venue can do that but Float Dubai really does. Float is a nightlife entertainment venue that has an explosive menu and acts to blow your mind. Acrobats, singers, dancers and not to mention the food is divine.

One of the best things Float has on offer for ladies that choose to spend their nights at this hot entertainment venue is the best service and drinks. From Thursday to Saturday 10pm to 1am all ladies receive complimentary drinks on Float meaning on the house! Float gets pretty busy, making a booking to reserve your table for you and your friends is super necessary and important.

Ladies Nights

Ladies’ night in Dubai today is no longer just a super cute night, these hours are like therapy for us women, we need me time, chill time, and sometimes just a few hours to let out hair down, to feel special, and be doted over. This is what float does! They dote on us at ladies’ night with complimentary drinks and excellent service it is all very queen like and this is what makes it special.

Dubai’s nightlife can be wrapped up in mystery, full of fun and adventure! When you spend time with the closest people to you, your girlfriends who share your secrets and support you through the bad and good times, these nights aren’t just nightlife but memories you share that you hold dear to you. When you bring great deep music and a delicious menu or skillful acts in the mix, it means a memory that is truly remarkable.

The best nights out for women are those nights that are memorable yes and most importantly safe. Float is a massive ship, yes and there are many personalities on board but ladies you can be assured that you’ll be extremely safe. This is mainly because security at Float is pretty tight. By this I mean there’s an armed response on call every hour and on the ship there’s security at every corner. Ladies’ night at Float means the best time every time, you and your girls are always safe aboard Float.

In Dubai, there’s an event at every turn and an exciting new venue almost monthly, at Float there’s always a new artist and during the weekends which is when ladies’ night normally falls, to be ahead of the pack it essential to know which nights you’d like to book for as it is a first come first serve, so to avoid any disappointing spoils make sure you get your spot for lady’s night reserved early!

Ladies Nights in Float Dubai

You might be wondering why Float is so special? What artists prefer to perform at Float? Maluma, DJ Brooklyn, DJ Keza, DJ Jax and Whitley Rucher plus other acts such as Naira Marley, CJ, Fredo, and Desiigner. Top acts, top artists, and they all want to perform at Float because its where live entertainment really comes to life, especially on an enormous ship like Float, there’s so much room and there’s a bird’s eye view of these artists from wherever you’re situated.

To touch on the menu a bit, a menu full of delicious morsels for the nit pickers who prefer a drink rather than a meal and want to snack on a little something. For those that want a big meal and want to use float as a venue for actual formal ladies’ nights, this works too and there are scrumptious meals and a variety to choose from so something for every palette.

Their drinks are either smooth or exotic and have a spicy kick or a sweet bite whichever you and the ladies prefer. Mixed to perfection and a concoction of flavours you’ve definitely not tasted before and will want to!

So the next time you want to celebrate with your girls just for the heck of it or for a fun night out, make sure you get down to Float for their official Ladies night, I mean it is purely for us ladies so why not.

Written by kareem

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