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Best Nightlife Spots in Dubai

kareem | 10.01.2022

What’s New On The Nightlife Scene in Dubai?

Nightlife in Dubai has been the center point of attraction for local and international artists and partygoers. The hospitality business and nightlife business in Dubai has witnessed a growing increase in the number of clubs and venues that behold Dubai’s events. If you’re looking for the next best thing to do in Dubai, then you definitely should change scenery and discover the unique float club in Dubai. Float, the extravagant venue on Queen Elizabeth II, has set a new floating nightlife in Dubai.

Best Nightlife Experience in Dubai

Where To Find The Best Floating Nightlife in Dubai

As a new concept in Dubai, Float is a venue that combines the new technologies of the 21st century with the enchanting past and history of the majestic boat Queen Elizabeth II. It is the famous and retired British ocean liner that has been converted into a floating nightlife venue in Dubai.

This 13-deck ship underwent serious and up-scaled renovations through investing a multimillion-dollar sum to have it restored to its former glory and to match the royalty of its name. This has allowed it to be the first float club in Dubai and have it listed on all apps and platforms under “Things to do in Dubai” or “Dubai events.”

Docked in Port Rashid, the Queen Elizabeth II boat stands proudly and welcomes all those fit to its name and magic. Located close to the center of Dubai, Float is within reach of landmark venues like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Airport. This location offers a stunning view of the majestic architectural structure of Dubai making this floating nightlife in Dubai an experience worth every minute.

The venue has a state-of-the-art sound system and equipment to turn any event into a futuristic venue. This venue, known now as the floating nightlife in Dubai, is the redefinition of luxurious nightlife style in Dubai, with its stunning décor, crystals, chandeliers, lighting, colors, furniture, dance floor, and more.

Why is Float The First Float Club in Dubai?

To step out of the conventional nightlife venue in Dubai, the concept of Float was born from the fusion of the past and present towards a futuristic goal. This floating nightlife in Dubai venue has brought vitality, diversification, and excitement to the regular nightlife in Dubai.

For anyone looking for a totally and unseen new experience in Dubai nightlife, Float is to be added to the top of their list as a thing to do in Dubai.

Partygoers are invited for a once-in-a-lifetime experience onboard the first and biggest floating nightlife club in Dubai.

What Float offers is more than just a concept. It has materialized every promise of luxury partying. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Float hosts top international DJs in a breathtaking setting of flying dancers, a runway bar, and live performance shows.

Catch Davido or Mr. Levier performing at Float on Thursdays, DJ Keza & Saif and Sound on Fridays, and Devon Kosko on Saturdays.

Also, Float organizes and hosts events with international artists like O.T.Genasis, Burak Yeter, and a line-up of international guests every week to bring the heat to Dubai’s nightlife. This makes Float the only float club rocking Dubai events with its diversified and highly ranking weekly events.

Being the first floating nightclub in the world and choosing Dubai to be at the center of this revolutionary entertainment style, Float has created the first and biggest float club in Dubai and the world and has set a new bar so high for nightlife events and entertainment in Dubai.

Float’s nights are full of sparkle, glamour, luxury, and up-scaled entertainment.

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Written by kareem

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