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Float Dubai will shall ensure that:

  • All health & safety guidelines/standards are followed in the venue in line with DM Health & Safety Guidelines (DMHS). All protocols prescribed by DMHS will be adhered to prior to staff entering the premises for interaction with the public.
  • Any staff on annual leave and wishing to travel for annual leave, have to follow the DHA protocols. A mandatory COVID-19 PCR test will be required before return to work, conducted no less than 48 hours before resuming their duties. They will not be permitted to start work until they submit their negative test results to HR and line manager.
  • There will be mandatory temperature checks for all onsite staff at regular intervals during service. Temperature checks will be carried out before staff enter the venue and at hourly integers. Anyone with a temperature of above 37.5C will be asked to leave the premises and go and have an immediate PCR test completed by an accredited facility. They will not be allowed to return to work until a negative PCR test result is received and medical certificate is to submitted to HR and line manager.
  • Any staff testing positive for COVID-19, they will have to be isolated for 14 days. He/she will not be permitted to return to work at Float Dubai until unless they are granted a medical certificate (clearance certificate) endorsed by DHA stating that they are discharged from isolation. This certificate must be submitted to HR and line manager.
  • Sanitization will take place on a weekly basis in the venue.
  • Compulsory wearing of masks and gloves for staff, at all times.


To ensure the safety of guests and staff, Float Dubai will commit to a weekly, comprehensive disinfection program for the venue. This program is designed to decontaminate the space and all its equipment, then terminally disinfect it and finally coat it with a long-term antimicrobial coating that doesn’t wash off. This allows the surface to be protected against newly deposited germs surviving, thriving, and recolonizing surfaces by numerous infectious organisms or cells.


  • The use of disinfectant and sanitizer that will be fogged into the environment, all over the area of premises to help prevent bacterial build up from various toxins
  • Ultra-low wet fogging by the ULV technique, the droplets of the aerosols are smaller than 50 micro meters
  • Wiping the total area after 1 hour of chemical application using anti-static non-woven wipes.
  • Before the application, windows, doors etc. will to be closed as well as the air conditioning unit and ventilation ducts will be switched off.
  • After 1 hour, the rooms can be ventilated; air con and ventilation systems will be switched on again.


Float Dubai will ensure that:

  • Appropriate infection control measures are applied and thorough sterilization of all assets/furniture is accomplished on daily basis. This protocol shall be adopted to ensure that constant sanitization of the used areas and avoid the use of any harmful chemicals and materials that may compromise the health of individuals with respiratory illnesses or medical conditions.
  • Hourly sanitization of all areas including reception area, preparation area, toilets, counters, countertops, tables, chairs, door handles, lighting switches, washrooms and all equipment including furniture and electronics
  • Cleaning and disinfection of customer service tables immediately after the customer leaves with approved disinfectant
  • Hand sanitizers (approved by Dubai Municipality) will be made available throughout the venue, on every table and reception area
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection process after working hours
  • Assignment of dedicated Hygiene manager to oversee all protocols and to develop and implement good hygiene and health practices.

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