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Enjoy The Best Nightlife Events in Float Dubai

kareem | 08.06.2022

Nightlife events have a certain aura about them. In Dubai, the vibe is intense and exciting, and all events hold a certain glamour. Dubai nightlife for adults is a major playground, quick-paced normally but there’s so much to do that if you love a relaxed vibe; that’s something you will find, too. One of the highlights of Dubai’s nightlife is the authenticity and unique events that happen to take place. The nightlife is something out of someone’s imagination. A huge attraction of late is the entertainment on a unique boat! You heard right, an entertainment jungle and party vibe like no other taking place all on water.

FLOAT is one of the top clubs in Dubai; for me, it’s one of the unique clubs that deserves any recognition and I’ll tell you why. A party experience on a massive ship is something you need to experience for yourself. My experience was one to remember, sampling the delicious menu while being entertained by the world’s best acrobats and singers not to mention dancers in extravagant costumes is such a luxurious moment.  I say luxurious because firstly, the decadent menu is crafted by serious chefs! These chefs are skilled in flavors that will tickle your palette. Exotic or sweet they have something for everyone and the flavor combinations are just right; it’s truly spectacular.

Secondly, the menu comes alive and is so much better because of the sights. The entertainment is truly a wonder. The acts are the best of the best, they enjoy performing and you see this, you feel the passion they exude. It adds to the whole night and makes it one to remember.


Great DJs spin the decks and beats are fun and deep or rather soulful. It’s not the regular beats you’re used to, these DJs know exactly what works for the crowd and Float has their vibe and style of music which makes the night a lot more magical. Dancing the night away is easy with masters on the deck, so put on your most comfy heels if that’s possible, and swipe your best shade of lipstick that makes you feel the most confidence then just decide to have a great time.

Whether you have a slow Friday in the works or a vibey Saturday, alone or with friends or family the night has a deep luxury feel to it just for you. What I loved the most about this venue is that the entertainment is all above board and tourists enjoy it as much as the locals because all the artists are not vulgar at all. It’s a feel-good vibe and all clean fun so the night is just a wild ride full of adventure.

The venue offers shisha and VIP areas to hang out in, should you want to just relax after a hectic week of work. A great venue to even celebrate a grand event like a wedding, so you can be assured your bachelorette or bachelor party for the guys, is going to be one to remember, and make no mistake it will be memorable. Unlike a regular bachelor or bachelorette party where strippers and alcohol take center stage, this venue will just add entertainment with a great twist!

To understand just how hot this nightclub on the water is, look no further than the events they host. One of the best events was the afterparty that Floyd Mayweather decided to have at Float, such an iconic fighter, and such an iconic afterparty, this alone should tell you the level of great entertainment float provides. A cut above the rest, Float is slowly making a name for itself on the Dubai nightlife strip. From major events like these to smaller but just as fun events like ladies’ night on a Thursday through to Saturday, these are what make Float great, they take every event big or small, and turn it into a great party!

If you ask around Dubai’s party scene, Float has a reputation of being known as the world’s largest floating nightlife venue, the largest because you’ve never seen a more massive explosion of vibrant life in one venue and the actual ship is massive! Looks like an arena of sorts and can host a great multitude of revelers!

One of my favorite acts I’ve seen so far is Da Baby performing live, with a massive audience and a crowd just enjoying every minute of it.  The lighted hula hoops and performers added to the mystical vibe and deep bases, it lightened it up too in the best way.

As a night-time venue, it’s not difficult to see why Float has such a huge following and reputation in a short period.

FLOAT is where it’s at every weekend why wouldn’t you be there?

Written by kareem

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