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Photography Policy

Float Dubai regularly uses photography and filming for publicity purposes. Most photography work is commissioned through the Communications Team and all enquiries should initially be sent through the Communications Team.

Float Dubai will commission images or filming for a number of reasons and uses. They include:

  • Printed materials such as newsletters or brochures
  • Display materials, such as banners and posters
  • To issue to the media alongside press releases
  • To use on the Internet and/or its own website and to use on social media networks

Customers are asked to kindly request the photographer not to feature them if they do not wish to have their image used in any of the above listed items. An individual who has given consent to have their picture taken, cannot withdraw that consent at a later date. Float Dubai cannot recall any publications or videos in which their image appears.

For the removal of any images shared on third-party websites by external photography companies, customers are requested to contact the website directly.

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